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Quality and design concept

About quality
  • Quality means values viewed by customers. By keeping providing additional values repeatedly,
    we bring more satisfaction to customers and earn their trust.
  • Our first step of building quality is to understand customers. We reseach their business, their equipments and its usage,
    its installation environment,and develop appropriate product designing and production activities for them.
  • In order to proceed related designing and manufacturing process, we not only focus on qualities of products and service,
    but also try to improve quality of the factory, and the professionalism of sales, designing, manufacturing staffs.
    We regard the training of employees, and the vision, action, attention of managers as important to achieve these.
  • We, CKD NIKKI DENSO, regard “providing continuous customer value” as our quality policy.
  • An engine is a machine designed to convert energy into mechanical motion.
  • We, CKD NIKKI DENSO, named our high performance and ecological device “τENGINE”,
    which convert electric energy into mechanical motion to drive industrial equipments directly.
    We have already registered it as trademark.
  • τENGINE includes high-precision direct drive motor τDISC, τLinear, Servo compass, τLinear stage,
    and new cylinder type high torque direct drive motor, τiD roll.
    These “Nikki τseries” are state-of-the-art direct drive system of next generation.
  • We, CKD NIKKI DENSO, continuously develop direct drive mechanism to contribute to industrial equipments
    and facilities by following the concept of τENGINE.
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Call us on +81-43-498-2315
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